The WIE Awards

The WIE Awards

The WIE, short for Women in International Education, is an award organised by Lead5050 to praise all the work that both women and men have been collaborating together to support gender equality in the industry.

Our own director, James Herbertson, is shortlisted for the Champion of Change price at the WIE Awards, pretty exciting right? It is our “Golden Globe” so to say, for helping people all around the world. For all his effort, James has been trying to create a strong diverse environment. By having 4 different nationalities and an equal nature at London Nest, this is not where James stops.

For example, to just give an indication of how committed he is to general inclusiveness, earlier this year James attempted to break a world record of most nationalities in one classroom. The jury is still checking the nationalities but the attempt on its own shows his dedication.

Another example would be when James organised a Coaching and Cava session together with Hannah Alexander-Wright at David Game College. During the coaching session the problems of sexism in the industry were addressed.

In conclusion London Nest is on the right path on improving equality and inclusiveness in general. Being nominated is therefore, an absolute honour, but to see that more and more people work on equality is without a doubt most important.

Visit Lead5050 to find out more about the WIE awards and other nominees.


Thuy Nguyen

Graphic Designer