Study in London

Are you thinking about coming to study in London? Well if you are you'll need to look at accommodation for the duration of your stay, be it a week or a year. At London Nest we bridge the gap between landlords and students & young professionals.

International Student Accommodation

If you are an international student coming to London to study, to work, looking for love, or for a life experience, we know that having a comfortable place to stay is very important to you. In fact our clients will frequently tell us that having a suitable place to stay is their number one priority. With the correct accommodation students can flourish and have the time of their lives when they come to study in one of the world’s greatest cities.

Here at London Nest we are passionate about finding the right accommodation that meets your needs and matches your budget. Ideally it would be within what we like to call the golden triangle: good quality, a great location and fantastic value for money. Word of warning though, London is one of the most expensive places to live and visit in the world, so value is certainly subjective. It’s not always possible but we try as hard as we can to achieve it for you!