Packing to go to the University: our tips

Packing to go to the University: our tips

The time has come or is soon to come: your study abroad experience is now a certainty and the date is getting closer and closer.

If you have already chosen your accommodation carefully, you will already have many comforts in the accommodation where you are going: a fully equipped kitchen in the common area or in your study room, a laundry room, a change of bed linen, your own bathroom. You can afford to travel more or less lightly or at least not spend too much money when you arrive.

However, one question remains: what to bring with you? The first tip we give you is to make a list in time of everything you consider essential to take with you. That way, when you leave, you will not risk forgetting something in your haste.

Also, if you already know people who went and studied in the same country you’re going to, talk to them: you will learn a lot from their experience. Let’s check some more tips we got from our experience with students from all over the world.



Things not to be forgotten: documents and medication

Before thining about clothes, shoes, books, priority goes to documents. Even forgetting a basic one could cause you considerable delays in starting your life abroad. First of all, check your passport, making sure you do not forget it at home, that it is in good condition and that it has not expired. Then remember that it must be valid for the entire period of your stay.

To be on the safe side, if you also have an identity card, bring it along in case you lose your passport, along with all the documents required for studying abroad, and your medical insurance.

If you take medication for a certain condition, take it with you, of course, and don’t forget your prescriptions and health documents. They may be useful in case you have an urgent need to explain your medical history.


Money and credit cards

Consider very carefully whether or not you should open a valid account in the host country so that you do not have to pay percentages to the bank for each transaction. There are various services available or perhaps your own bank has a solution for you.

It is certainly not a good idea to leave without some cash. Just in case, take a small amount with you (e.g. the equivalent you would need for a week in the new country).


Clothes and shoes

If you are leaving for a very long time, we recommend that you concentrate on clothing for the season you are in together with clothes that can also be used when the temperatures start to drop.
Especially if you are going to live in Britain, the weather is variable: you can have a day that starts with sunshine and high temperatures, only to have persistent rain and coolness in the afternoon. So bring mixed clothing and prepare a small shipment of other clothes for the following months.

This way you won’t have to overload yourself or spend too much on luggage in the hold. In addition, you will not find yourself buying clothes, exhausting your monthly budget.


Electronic devices

Check if the electrical connections in the country you are going to are similar or if you need one or more adapters and try to buy one before you leave, that way you will have one available as soon as you arrive.

Try to carry all your electrical equipment in your hand luggage, either to avoid it being ruined in your checked luggage or stolen. Since you will be travelling with a large luggage, think about buying a travel insurance that also covers damage and theft.

With these tips, you can travel more peacefully as well as arrive at your accommodation and start living like a local!