5 tips to choose the right University or College abroad

5 tips to choose the right University or College abroad

Universities, colleges, institutes of technology, specialist schools: there are plenty of opportunities for your international training, which require some careful thought and rigorous preparation.

So here are 5 tips from our experts for you to choose the right university or college abroad.


1 – Analyze the international rankings

Every year, rankings are drawn up to assess which are the best universities in the world. These rankings take into account a number of parameters, depending on who is conducting them, but they are always interesting data to keep in mind.

Some of the most important parameters are certainly student satisfaction, the number of professors, and the budget these universities have available.

You can find those rankings on Times Higher Education, for example.


2 – Check their capacity to welcome foreign students

Find out how many foreign students are accepted each year at the university you are interested in. Take the time to find out about the accommodation and living conditions on campus for foreign students. A school or university that is used to welcoming foreign students can be a guarantee of the quality of the support you will receive on your arrival.

Also pay close attention to the university’s admission requirements!

But don’t worry, if the university hasn’t a suitable accommodation system, we can always help you find the accommodation that suits you best.


3 – Look for former students

Try searching online for alumni groups at the university you are interested in and ask their opinion on the quality of teaching, the possibility of extracurricular activities, the chances of finding employment afterwards. You are sure to get some very useful information that you are unlikely to find among the rankings or the pages of university websites.

They will also be able to give you lots of advice on what to expect from your first year and also where you can meet new students like yourself to make friends.


4 – Get in touch with an admission consultant

As we said, there are lots of reputable universities, but it’s important to choose the one that best meets your expectations. What subjects would you like to study, and what are your career ambitions? How many years of study are you willing to invest until you graduate?

You can talk with your parents and friends, but you can also contact an admissions consultant. These consultants are perfectly familiar with the way universities abroad operate: courses on offer, length of course, language requirements, student grants, application timetables, etc. Their role is to help students define the university path that best suits their career, taking into account your planned budget, as well as the country they’d like to go to.


5 – Go there and see by yourself

While distance research is easy, going on site will give you a much better insight into each university. You could ask and meet the professors to find out more about the programmes, and talk with students who are there, asking about the pros and cons.

By going there, you will also get a preview of student life, understand the cost of living in the cities and the cost of actual studies.