Cancellation Policy


  1. We allow a 5 day cooling off period from the moment of booking prior to 31 May 2024. After 31 May 2024 the cooling off period becomes 48 hours. To secure a booking, the signing of a tenancy agreement and full or partial payment is required.
  2. If you cancel within 5 days (or 48 hours after 31 May 2024), we will refund you in full minus any bank charges if applicable. This applies to bookings starting in more than 5 days. Cancellations must be in writing (email).
  3. Once you have booked and the 5 day cooling off period has elapsed (or 48 hours after 31 May 2024), you are bound into a Tenancy Agreement which requires you to pay the rent for the full period of the agreement, unless a suitable replacement tenant is found.

    The tenant is responsible for finding the replacement tenant. You will be charged a Replacement Fee of £250 to cover the administrative work and vacating your room for a replacement tenant.

    If you have proposed a replacement tenant, London Nest has complete discretion as to whether it:

    1. accepts the proposed replacement tenant and enters into a Tenancy Agreement with them;
    2. places the room back on general sale; or
    3. allocates the room to an alternative student on a waiting list to enter into a Tenancy Agreement

    We will release you from your Tenancy Agreement on the date seven days after any of the above has occurred.

  4. Full or partial payment for the accommodation booking must be received as per date stated on the invoice.
  5. If you are declined a Visa to study in the UK, by UK Visas and Immigration, you may cancel and obtain a full refund. Evidence in the form of a visa rejection letter is required within 7 days of receiving it or before 16th August 2024 (whichever is sooner). This letter must include a date and student’s name. You do not qualify for a refund if:
    • You did not complete all necessary steps required by UKVI to complete your visa application.
    • Your university was unable to issue you with a CAS Number to obtain your visa owing to you not completing all necessary steps to complete your application to study.
  6. Bookings are charged for a full week (7 nights) as standard.
  7. If, in exceptional circumstances, the accommodation booked becomes unavailable for reasons beyond our control an alternative will be arranged, but details may differ.
  8. You agree to read the cancellation section of the terms and conditions prior to acceptance of the invoice and to be bound by these terms and conditions.

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