Did you know that your student ID will be the most precious card you will ever need in London?

London is the home of many internationally renowned universities, and each year it welcomes thousands and thousands of students. Even if London is the student and financial capital, the higher cost of living can put some students off. However, you can still enjoy a fulfilling university experience through careful planning and strict budgeting if you know how.

Before it was hard to spot the best discounts for students, now they have created an app that encloses all the best deals and the companies and brands that have agreed to students discounts. This app is called UNIDAYS, and you can easily download it on IOS and ANDROID at the link here.

On this platform, students sign-up with their student id proving their academic status to enjoy and catch up on the latest discounts from all industries: fashion, beauty, transport, fitness, health, food and restaurants. The majority of brands and restaurants give a student discount between the 10-25% to all students. Let’s dive into the best deals out there at the moment.



  • ASOS: This platform has a constant 10% discount on all purchases for students, plus occasional sales up to 45% off.
  • UGG: The most comfortable shoes for students while studying and going from their dorm to the library. This brand has put a 30% discount + an extra 10% for all students.
  • TK-MAXX: has a 60% off less than retail price.
  • Polo Ralph Lauren: Has a general clothing sale of 30% off, but with student discounts, they have added a 10% off to all sales items.



  • Curzon: You can Sign up for a free student membership and receive off-peak tickets priced at £6.50 and money off tickets at peak times, no booking fees, and access to member previews and student member events.
  • Every Man: This very edgy cinema lets anyone with a valid student ID enjoy it at a discounted price during off-peak times. The cost varies per screening, but it’s usually around £12.
  • ODEN: Provides 25% off as a student discount for all cinema tickets.



  • London tube student discount: London caters very well for students in terms of discounts and special offers on public transport, with most favouring either buses or the London Underground. You can register for a student Oyster card online to get a 30% discount on all your journeys throughout the year. Of course, if you’re living near your university, you can always walk or cycle while receiving a 20% student discount. You should be able to find this, and many other discounted offers at your freshers’ week or on the NUS website.



Visiting London attractions can be pretty pricey. However, there are plenty of bargains to be had, not to mention a plethora of free things to do. Here’s an overview of London’s best student deals and days out.

  • The Tower of London student discount: They offer a 5% discount for students and young adults between 16-17.
  • London Zoo student discount: On peak times the average ticket for an adult is around £35.00, but the premises offers a 10% off for students to all other tickets including savers, standard and off-peak
  • London eye student discount: London Eye has just launched the £16 student ticket, including your 30 minute trip on the London Eye and entry to the 4D cinema.



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