Tips and trick to find your student accommodation in London

Tips and trick to find your student accommodation in London

Renting in London means discovering new rules and practices that might be different from your country. London is a very pleasant and dynamic capital, but it still is one of the most expensive. Apartments, houses, maisonettes, lofts, the rental offer is vast, but how do you make sure your monthly budget doesn’t end up in rent?

Here are some tips and tricks to find your student accommodation in London, and don’t get broke!


1 – The cheapest areas in London

London rents make it difficult for many people to live in a decent place, especially if you attend a central University and don’t want to spend hours commuting.

Actually there are a few central but cheap neighborhoods in London. The area are cheap for one reason: transport may not be frequent or there’s only the national rail network, or it does not have schools or hospitals. This is a good criterion to make a first selection of the most desirable neighborhoods.

Further, many people want to live in the Northern or West part of the city, so the Southern and the East part of London sometimes can give good rental opportunities.


2 – Flat sharing

If sharing an apartment or a house with several people is a solution that suits you, go for it! Just bear in mind some disadvantages: lack of privacy, tranquility, impromptu departure of one of the roommates, a divided rent, ditto for the bills…

But this option can help with the loneliness you may feel when settling in this country that is completely new to you. Still, if you want to have some privacy and not get broke, choose to live in a student residence.


3 – Be forward thinking!

We strongly advise you to anticipate your arrival: book your room in a flat, your studio, or your apartment in London before your departure. First, you’ll have less stress once you get there. Then, this will save you from paying for nights in Airbnb, or in hotels, and time to find your accommodation.

Also, ask info about what’s included in the rent: bills, bedding, internet connection…

Renting without seeing the place you’re going to live in is not recommended. You’d better plan a long weekend to visit the rooms or the flats you’ve seen online, or you can rely on the reliable companies that help students and professionals like you to find the dream place in London!