Isabel’s Internship

Isabel’s Internship

As my final year in university is approaching, I am eager to try new things and take on new challenges. I enjoyed my last summer holiday, but I plan on being more adventurous this summer, experiencing new things. I made the independent decision to leave my hometown and embark on an internship in the United Kingdom which has been an amazing decision.

I feel extremely privileged to have been given the opportunity to work with London Nest, an amazing student accommodation agency in London. It is not just a simple e-commerce company, it aims to provide meticulous care and concern to all clients. My role is the marketing executive, and I will be marketing accommodations to students and young professionals coming to London from all around the world, create engagement and a sense of community for all the London Nest clients. The internship will last for six weeks, from 19th June to 27th July. On the first day I arrived at the office, I received an introduction of the company team and what they do, discussed future plans with Graphic Designer about my future goals at University and current internship. Moreover, I had a brief overview of upcoming events, creative out of office tasks, marketing plan for June and July. Liaised with the graphic designer which gave me basic guidance and training on WordPress website to work with content translation, and the following link shows my current work progress:

After a few days’ work, I find that everyone in the company works hard to provide services and contributing passion to the position. In addition, not only the atmosphere of working is positive, but also the relationship between people is really harmonious. They treat each other as their families, our boss is really nice, he provides a birthday party for every employee at the right time, celebration parties, satisfactory welfare, and great organizational culture are provided; my main supervisor also surprised me so much who has lived in China for five years and can speak Chinese fluently, by analysing my strengths, she arranges me the most suitable jobs, to help the company enter the Chinese market by setting up their official page in Chinese version, as well as establishing a Wechat subscription account to promote the company to their Chinese clients much more efficiently. As for the marketing team, Caroline and Thuy, they give me guidance directly, not only about tasks but also give me plenty of information about life in London. They have helped me so much and made my experience in London one of ease. Other colleagues are friendly. The director Alex always encourages me, and Angela, Cassandre, Thuy and me usually have lunch together, we watch the World Cup, have a picnic, or chat about funny stuff!

Compared to the school life, it is a totally new experience to work in a real business world. As a student, the main task is to learn in the classroom, and learning is an activity to create value for yourself, which means that all your outcomes are only responsible for yourself. While, work is indeed an activity that creates value for others, especially for business students, it is at least as important as learning in the classroom. This intern will offer me opportunities for practical training related to creating sales and marketing campaigns, social media management, SEO optimisation strategies, content creation, customer service and expectation management.

According to my future plan in London Nest, the following are knowledge I can gain from this internship:
 WordPress—Chinese version
 MailChimp—Sending emails to a great number of people
 Brochure—Translate for promotion
 Summer garden party—the biggest event in London Nest Ltd.
 Events at one of the partners, The Curve—NI-CONS
 Wechat & social media promotion
 Creative contents for Newsletter

Over the weekend, I hang out with my friends to explore the landmarks which make Britain, Britain. I have visited Cambridge, London Eye, Big Ben, the Thames, and Tower Bridge on the first weekend. Planning a one-day tour is the most effective way to integrate into local society, we recognised many differences between European culture and Asian culture, for example, the style of traditional architecture, education, food, region, and lifestyle. We are all addicted to the amazing scenes, relax under the blue sky and take a deep breath to feel the fresh air.

Though six weeks is not a long time for me to stay here, I am certain that I can learn abundant things over textbooks, enjoy working for the London Nest, and get along well with my colleagues. I really appreciate it that I get this chance to meet all of these lovely people.

Isabel Jiang




在London Nest的实习时光


我很荣幸我能获得来到London Nest Ltd.实习的机会,London Nest是伦敦一家十分优秀的学生住宿中介公司。它不仅仅是一家传统意义上的电商公司,而是致力于为所有客户提供无微不至的服务与关怀。在这里,我担任市场部主管一职,主要负责向从全世界各地来伦敦的学生和年轻的专业技术人才介绍我们的住宿服务,并为他们创造一个良好的交流聚会的平台。从六月19日到七月27日,本次实习将持续六周。当我第一次踏入这间办公室的时候,我的负责人为我详细地介绍了整个公司的结构以及各个工作团队的职责,同时我们还一起商讨了未来几周的工作计划,最大限度地将学校里学的知识与工作结合在一起。除此之外,我还大致了解了一下即将举办的几个大型活动,创造性的工作任务,以及六月和七月的市场计划。在负责任的悉心教导下,我收获了十分有效的指导,学会了用WordPress做基础的网站建设更新工作,并为公司的官网创建了中文版本。点击一下链接可以进行浏览:

通过几日的工作和观察,不难发现公司里的每一个人都会尽己所能将自己所有的热情奉献给工作,为客户体重最为优质的服务。这里的工作氛围浓郁,不仅如此,同事之间的关系也都十分融洽。这里仿佛就是一个大家庭,用同事的话来说,我们的老板是难得一遇的和善之人,他悉心关照每一位员工,生日的时候还会给每个人买蛋糕举办生日聚会,不时还会举办一些庆功宴,给员工提供充足的福利,可见,整个公司的企业文化十分的多元且良好。我的主管是一个意大利人,精通多国语言,曾经在中国生活过五年,因此我们之间甚至可以用中文进行无障碍沟通。她通过分析我的长处和短处,给我分配了最合适的工作,协助公司更为直接地进入中国市场。Caroline,Thuy和我负责市场部的工作,她们教会了我很多与我大学专业相关的市场知识,在生活上还给我了极大的帮助,为我排忧解难,使得我的首次独自欧洲之旅进行的十分顺利。其他同事也都非常的平易近人,Alex在工作上经常给予我鼓励, Angela, Cassandre, Thuy和我每天一起吃午餐,看世界杯,趁着阳光灿烂去公园野餐,亦或是一起聊一些有趣的事情。

与我之前是多年的校园生活相比,在真正的商业社会中工作是一个全新的议案。 作为学生,大多数学生的主要任务就是在课堂内的学习,而学习是为自己创造价值的一项活动,这就意味着你所有有关学习的事情都只需要对自己负责。然而工作却是一项为他人创造价值的活动,尤其对于商科生来说,至少它是与在课堂上学习同等重要的一种学习方式。这次实习为我提供了多种多样的学习和训练机会,例如,策划举办销售和宣传活动,管理公司社交账号,搜索引擎优化管理,文案策划,客户服务工作以及期望管理等等。

根据我在London Nest的未来工作计划,以下大致列出了主要的工作课题及相应的收获:

  • WordPress—编辑创建官方网站中文版
  • MailChimp—如何给大量受众发送邮件
  • 宣传册—翻译制作双语宣传册
  • Summer garden party—协助策划London Nest最为盛大的活动


Caroline Otu

Digital Marketing Executive
Caroline works in the marketing department of London Nest. Creating the promotional content, advertising videos on the website and writing frequent blog posts on top of monitoring all of the marketing analytics and web responses and updating the website, she is an integral part of the marketing team.