Try To “Escape” The Fun – If You Can!

Try To “Escape” The Fun – If You Can!

If you haven’t already heard of (or been swept up in) the Escape Room craze sweeping the globe, you’ve got to give it a try! Within an hour time limit, it’s up to you and your team to “escape” from a locked room by going through a series of puzzles, riddles, clues and games. The experience is all at once challenging, thrilling, mind-bending and creative! And, don’t worry — you’re not really locked in the room; you can come out any time you want.

Escape London offers games designed for teams of 2-6 and will truly put your problem-solving, strategizing and teamwork skills to the test. Escape London is also highly recommended for students, as they require serious focus, critical thinking and a keen eye for your surroundings. After one session at Escape London, revising for exams will seem like a true walk in the park!


The more friends you bring, the lower the individual cost — groups of two start at £26 per person, where a group of 7 would cost only £17 per person. Why not try an alternative night out from the normal pub/club night and test the limits of your mind?


Still not convinced? Here are 5 reasons why you should try Escape London:

  1. It gets you off your screen for a little while (no phones allowed!)
  2. It’s like a live-action video game.
  3. It’s a great exercise for your brain.
  4. It breaks the ice between new friends (or on a date!)
  5. It’s fun!


Escape London

117 Uxbridge Road


W12 8NL

Mon-Thurs: 11:30AM- 10PM

Fri-Sun: 10AM-11PM

Kelly Dundon

Kelly is a Freelance Writer and Editor, yogi, foodie and culture enthusiast. After living in Italy, Germany, Costa Rica and London, Kelly decided to take an extended travel adventure, making her way around the world while documenting the places and people she meets along the way.