London Is For Everyone (And Every Budget)

London Is For Everyone (And Every Budget)

Who said you have to spend money to have a good time in London? Whoever it was, was clearly ill-informed because I’ve literally spent full days in London, enjoying myself without spending a cent.


The Scoop Outdoor Theatre

Every Tuesday this June and July, movie lovers can rejoice in snagging a free screening at The Scoop at London Bridge. Not only is the outdoor space located directly on the banks of the Thames, but you also have a sweet view of London Bridge. The amphitheatre houses 1,000 patrons, making it one of the largest outdoor spaces in the city! Movies usually start between 6:30PM-7PM and tickets are first come, first serve, so I’d be sure to get there early to get your seat. Plus, for a true cinema experience, I always bring along my own snacks! Check out this summer’s line-up.


Nike+ Run Club

Okay, before you get all worked up about your hatred for running, hear me out! Nike+ Run Club is more than just a club for fitness nerds, sprinting about the city — it’s truly a community unlike any other! I’ve made tons of friends at NRC, from all walks of life, including longtime London locals and newbies to the city. I was a bit unsure my first time showing up, but immediately I was welcomed with open arms by the coaches, pacers and fellow runners. NRC gives you the opportunity to explore the city, in weekly runs from 1km up to 10km — I can’t think of a better way to see a new side of the city. This community is hands down my favorite part about London! You have to register before each run, but sign-up is totally easy and, of course FREE.



If you’re not getting a healthy dose of culture in our city, you’re doing something wrong. Luckily, London makes it super accessible, as most of the city’s amazing, world-renowned museums are 100% free for you to enjoy. My favorites are the Victoria & Albert (V&A), one of the largest displays of art and design, including an oddly diverse and expansive display of wrought iron works, and the National Portrait Gallery, where you can learn about the history of the British monarchy. I’ve spent hours roaming around just reading and learning about the centuries of royal history, in all its fascinating and horrifying glory.


Here are a handful of my favorite free museums in London: