Enjoy London

Enjoy London

Get Involved!

It’s always great to get involved in something that you don’t often do, just to try something different. Especially if you’re new to London, it’s great to take on new experiences. I tried something new over the weekend by participating in the Peckham FUN Run. It was a fantastic experience and I found it extremely rewarding when I hit the finish line.

In the past, I have tried many new things which I would have completely laughed or dismissed the thought of in the past (e.g. ziplining and climbing courses), although they were initially scary and outside of my comfort zone, I believe it enhanced my character and developed me as a person. If you want to test your limits or try something new, you should try something outside of your comfort zone at least once, even if it isn’t running or ziplining, it could be trying a new dish or even trying out a new bar. I strongly recommend it, not only is it enriching, it’s something to recommend to your friends and family.

One fun thing that’s going on this week is the “Learn to Fly at the TLCC Trapeze School” on September 21st, at TLCC Trapeze School, where you can be a gymnast for the day! They have courses for beginners to guide anyone who may be a bit nervous about such a new experience. It’s definitely an experience worth trying, you’re literally flying (plus they have a 5-star rating online).


Fun times in London

An area I really like going to is Embankment. It always has something fun going on, or some cool performance near the SNOG, frozen yoghurt van. I went there last weekend with some friends, and initially, we just went for some food at one of the many restaurants there, but then we ended up staying in the area for a while, enjoyed some fro-yo, watched some street performers and ended up walking along the river once it got a bit darker. There are just so many places you can enjoy and experience for free in London. Time-Out has all of the happening events to attend in this city. You will never run out of things to do. The great thing is that there is always something fun to do, regardless of the weather.



You have an abundance of shopping centres in London. I prefer going to the Westfield shopping centre in Stratford, mainly because it’s indoors and you’re not surrounded by huge groups of slow walkers as you have in Oxford Street. I’m sure that there is a general consensus amongst Londoners that we prefer more spacious areas, where we don’t always awkwardly bump into people (a very common London activity). In Westfield, Stratford, you have a huge range of places to visit. On the top floor, you have a casino where you can win some amazing prizes, you have an enormous selection of food places, suitable for carnivores, vegetarians and vegans, so feast out! On the lower floors, you can also enjoy the food samples, or visit the many shopping stores there.


Words by Caroline Otu