Easter in Quarantine – Here’s how you can still celebrate

Easter in Quarantine – Here’s how you can still celebrate

There are indeed many different ways to enjoy this holiday weekend while being at home.

This is a good opportunity to reach out to your family. There are plenty of ways to remain connected today and it is the perfect occasion to cheer everyone up while catching up.

Get creative!

You can decorate eggs before hiding them in your house/flat or, for the lucky ones, in your garden. If you are celebrating on your own, make sure to hide the eggs several days before the hunt so you can forget where you placed them.

You can also use your imagination and decorate your home with uncommon Easter ornaments. It’s time for you to use the paint and brushes you bought 5 years ago but never used!

Stay in touch with your friends.

Why not organise a video chat Easter brunch or drinks with your best friends? It is a great way to catch up with them and be aware of the latest gossip.

Organise some games.

Have fun with your loved ones by inventing an Easter Quiz or new board games.

Embrace the Easter spirit!

This year, many people won’t be able to celebrate the Easter holiday with their families. While these are worrying times, consider supporting charities reducing the impact that Covid-19 is having on our society. Please find below a list of a few options:

Virgin Moneygiving

Age UK


Opening Doors London=


It is time to create new traditions!

Happy Easter,

The London Nest team