6 Tips to Find a Part-Time Job as a Student

6 Tips to Find a Part-Time Job as a Student

Even when you cut out all the fun you want to have or books you want to read, being a student can be expensive, especially if you’re studying in a city where the cost of living is quite high and students’ loan you get every month is never enough.

By working part-time during university you would not only make extra cash, but it would also look great on your CV.
You would also acquire skills and experience in terms of teamwork, reliability and references by working part-time while still at uni.  But to be able to find a part-time job that suits you, first, you need to decide what it is you want to do.

And when it comes to getting a great part-time student job for you, you’ll face stiff competition.

So here are 6 tips and tricks to help you find your perfect job as a student:

1. Start Looking Before Uni Starts

To avoid peak job-hunting season, start searching and applying for part-time positions online before the academic year starts. By starting earlier than your peers, you would be at the interview stage with your search process while others are just starting applying. Remember not to apply too soon and before arriving in the city you’re going to live in otherwise you might miss an interview chance.

2. Make sure to perfect your CV

Regardless of the job you’re applying for, having aced your CV is going to be the first thing to differentiate you from other candidates. Make sure to do your research on how to write a perfect CV or ask for a review from people you trust with their expertise.  Also having a few different CVs that are tailored to different industries emphasizing skills and experience relevant to the job you’re applying to puts you ahead of your competition.

3. Take Part in Volunteering to Gain Skills

One of the best ways to gain work experience is to volunteer. By volunteering, you can grow your network and get ready for your future job. You can help out a family friend or a small local business in your area and put that experience in your CV. With volunteering, you’d get to have the advantage of having a bit of experience on your CV plus you would actually learn some new skills.

4. Be mindful of your social media 

Many employers would be going through a potential candidate’s social media profile to check if they are the right fit for the company. They won’t hire someone that shows irresponsible and inappropriate behaviour on social media. If your profile is public then make sure you are aware of any content that might put you at risk or make your profile private.

5. Know where to look for part-time jobs

If you’re just starting out with the job hunt you may not be sure about where to look. Checking company pages directly and applying through their interface is often a good way to start applying for the job you want. Also signing up to student job sites and recruitment agencies and uploading your CV in their database would make it easier for employers to find you. You can also set notifications for any new part-time job postings created on these sites. University job fairs are also a great opportunity as you would get the chance to meet employers directly.

6. Use your social network

Tell your job search to your friends and family so they would give you a heads up when they find out about a new opening whether at the company they are working at or when they hear about one from their friends. Having people who already know you become a reference for you is also a great starting point for the potential employer.