8 Best Christmas Markets in Europe for Weekend Breaks

8 Best Christmas Markets in Europe for Weekend Breaks

There’s nothing like Europe during the holiday season with markets in most cities and fairytale-like little towns with festiveness.

You might be able to find some good promotion on flights to most European cities from London and most of these markets will be still on until the first couple of days of the New Year.

If you are looking for a weekend break in Europe to experience Christmas magic here our 8 favourite Christmas Markets of 2019 for a weekend break.


1.Tallinn / Estonia (15 November 2019 – 7 Jan 2020)

With the tradition of putting a Christmas tree in the Town Hall Square going back to 1441, Tallinn’s Christmas Market is one of the most-see markets in Europe. The market delights its visitors with a cozy atmosphere at a historical location with wonderfully preserved medieval old buildings.

Although it’s smaller than many other markets, it offers traditional Estonian dishes, rum-based Vana Tallinn liqueur, mulled wine or gingerbread before you shop for woolen hats, or enjoy taking many photos of its scene looking like it’s from a Victorian Christmas card.


2.Budapest / Hungary (22 November 2019 – 1 January 2020)

Budapest’s Christmas Market is based in central Pest district and has over 150 stalls where you can enjoy traditional Hungarian food, especially Goulash and Chimney Cakes.

You can also dance with live music or enjoy one of the extraordinary light shows at the scene. In this market, you can also find a mix of Hungarian handcrafted items and many different snack options. 


3.Strasbourg / France  (22 November 2019 – 30 December 2019)

Strasbourg’s Christmas Market, one of the oldest Christmas markets in Europe is set up in heart of the GrandeIle, a UNESCO world heritage site.

The birthplace of Christmas celebrations includes around 300 chalets set up in the historical square where you can find everything from handmade decorations and baubles to blown-glass candles and traditional bredele butter biscuits from the Alsace region. 

4.Vienna / Austria (15 November – 26 December 2019)

From mid-November to Christmas more than 20 pop-up festive villages fill the prettiest squares such as the Schönbrunn and Belvedere palaces in Vienna.

Vienna is also home to one of the biggest Christmas markets in the world: Wiener Christkindlmarkt am Rathausplatz where over 150 traditional stalls are installed in front of the City Hall. Also, make sure to check out one of the city’s more petite and prettiest markets called the Spittelberg market.


5.Brussels / Belgium (29 Nov 2019 – 5 Jan 2020)

Belgium’s biggest Christmas Market “Winter Wonders” has more than 200 chalets where you can find all sorts of souvenirs and food treats from tartiflette and pretzels to oysters and delicious Belgian chocolates.

 ou can also enjoy the magical atmosphere around UNESCO World Heritage square and get to do some cultural and fun activities for an unforgettable trip.


6.Prague / Czech Republic (30 November 2019 – 6 January 2020)

Prague has always a fairy tale look all year round but during Christmas time it becomes extra special and magical. What makes Prague’s Christmas Market so popular and unforgettable is the unique atmosphere of the medieval center. 

You can choose to warm up with mulled wine or enjoy Czech beers along with a barbecued sausage called klobása. Right beneath the gigantic Christmas tree next to St. Nicholas Church you can shop from the bohemian crafts, wooden huts, and toys or traditional Christmas decorations as well. 


7.Copenhagen / Denmark (November 16 2019 – January 5 2020)

Although it may not be the first choice that comes to mind, Copenhagen offers a different kind of Christmas market to its visitors. The historic amusement park Tivoli Gardens is transformed into a Winter Wonderland with an amazing atmosphere. Also, the lake is also transformed into an ice rink for a real winter experience.

Don’t forget to hygge over glasses of gløgg (spicy mulled wine) or snack on a portion of æbleskiver (sugar-dusted pancake balls) while you are walking between the stalls. 


8. Nuremberg / Germany (November 29 – December 24 2019) 

Nuremberg is home to one of the oldest and most loved Christmas Markets of Germany with roots going back to 1628. Traditional decorations and culinary treats have been offered in this market that has over 180 wooden stalls decorated in red and white. 

It is also home to gingerbread as it was exported to the world from this market so make sure to try it at its hometown and bring some back to your home. You can also choose to shop from traditional souvenirs such as gold foil angels and carved wooden candle stands.