Who are London Nest?

Who are London Nest?

London Nest are providers of quality student accommodation in London. They create the foundation to transform people’s lives. The company was created from our directors recognising the frustrations that many students had with the current stock of quality student accommodation available in London.  James came from an education background and Alex from lettings, the two quickly recognised that together they had a great combination of skills to offer an end to end solution for students looking for quality student accommodation in London.

Many of the problems that face foreign students coming to London stem from the fact that they are not able to easily find accommodation that gives them a true base for all the things that they need; somewhere they can call a home away from home.  Often students coming from overseas get really stressed with their living environments and this causes huge problems when looking to find new friends, discover great places and generally relax in their new location.

Alex arrived in London 14 years ago and struggled for almost 10 years to find accommodation that he was truly happy with;  James on the other hand went to Spain to study abroad and had one of the most amazing experiences which he describes as the time of his life.  Coming from these two completely different experiences Alex and James decided to team up in order to change the experiences that students coming to London have, they want these students to leave having had the time of their lives.

London Nest aims to provide students with a turn key accommodation solution that allows them to live and work within a clean, friendly, relaxed environment, where help and support is supplied in abundance.  London Nest believes that by giving international students a great environment to live and socialise in; tackling the challenge of living in a new environment in a big city is a lot less daunting.

Watch the video below where James and Alex talk about how and why they setup London Nest.

The company originally started with just one Landlord in Kentish Town [Map] this landlord had a 15-bed property and Alex approached him to allow London Nest to market it to foreign students, this is where the company was born.  James and Alex started by contacting their language schools network in London, this outreach managed to secure all rooms with one language school who accepted to take it on as their main student residence.  From there the business has grown from strength to strength arriving at where it is today.

In the first instance London Nest provided their International students with clean affordable house shares around the city. While this has not drastically changed today, the demand for better, more personal accommodation has developed into the offering that London Nest now provides.

A lot of our properties are now self-contained units where students have en-suite showers, private kitchenettes and a great vibrant community around them. London Nest believes that it is not just about providing a room, it’s about creating the foundation to transform people’s lives.

Get in contact with us today to discuss how we can help find you the most perfect accommodation for your needs and enable you to have the time of your life in London.