What is Co-Living?

What is Co-Living?

Co-living is a relatively new concept that gives international students and young professionals a slightly different model of living than has traditionally been on the market.

Essentially, it gives students and professionals the opportunity to have the time of their life in London through the great features and social events that the residence offer.

Co-living is all about living and sharing within a community with lots of different people. By creating a supportive relaxed environment within student accommodations, it allows for different ages, cultures, genders and languages to all come together to form their own community environment.

The Collective Old Oak Residence, the world’s largest co-living accommodation, has a vast amount of different communal areas, each one of the areas has a different designed theme which allows communities to gather, based upon their different likes and interests. From a cinema and games room to a sauna and secret garden.

An essential part of the co-living accommodation is that it is a plug-in life, this means that you can spend time doing things that matter as soon as you arrive, like meeting people, integrating yourself into events and community or developing your network etc.  This collaborative environment allows the residents to easily get on with what is most important for them.

Typically, 40% of the residents that stay in the Collective Old Oak are international, there are a vast range of different ages, cultures, races, religions and occupations but all have the same focus of living and working together within a collaborative environment.

The Collective Old Oak residence staff take a huge amount of time to really get to know every resident that stays with them, this enables the team to communicate about the best groups and events which might interest new arrivals and help settle them into the residence, to start making friends and connections.

Watch the video below of Ed Thomas and Maria, give an overview of the co-living concept and how they have found their experience.

London Nest believes that its co-living experience is a great way of students who are new to the city, to instantly integrate into a community and start to feel settled whilst making friends.  From our experience if students are not happy with their accommodation then it is more than likely that they will also struggle with their work and/or studies, which is why they arrived in London in the first place. We want every student coming to London to have the time of their lives.

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