The Summit 2017

The Summit 2017

It was a sunny day in London on the last day of August. The perfect start for The Summit event. Agents from all over the world were invited which created a real international atmosphere throughout the day. The event was organised to remind us all again why we like international education, to become even more passionate about it and improve it.


The day started off with the reception of all the agents and a glass of bubbles to toast to the beginning of a wonderful day. As all the guests gradually arrived at David Game College, the lunch started. People were enjoying themselves, eating, networking, exchanging amazing visions and having a great time.

After the light lunch all the attendants were invited for a tour through the new school of David Game College, our host for the event. During the tour there were interesting facts about the historical value of the property and all its facilities throughout the years.

For the people who are interested in history here some fun facts about the building. First of all, way back when the Romans were living in London they had a wall to protect the city. This wall ran through the exact spot the school is right now located. All the way in the basement there is still a remaining part from this wall. The building was involved in both world war I and II. Bet you didn’t know about that!

The day continued with some TED TALK-styled lectures. Several agents shared their amazing experiences with international education, how they came about it in their job roles and the importance of it to them to help students. Our very own James Herbertson for example, spoke about how he experienced how important it is to have a place where you feel at home while being abroad, and many other reasons why he wants to improve this international education experience. As well as others like Minoo, Ricardo, and Hannah who all shared their experiences and reasons why international education has been so important for them. Minoo for example, who comes from Iran and did not know English at a young age, which made it sometimes hard to communicate. After that she realised how important it is to posses this knowledge, and now uses this passion for education. Hannah also wanted to give people this empowering experience of being able to speak English, and help them further so they can go off and start their new adventure. Finally, Ricardo’s passion is driven by his own experience as well. He came to London when he was 15 to improve his English. After that experience he realised how life changing this can be. That is why he wants to help out others now who are struggling with the same situation.

After these inspiring speeches our guests were invited to explore the area to familiarise what the city centre of London has to offer. Iconic landmarks such as Tower Bridge, The Tower of London, The Gherking, and The Shard were all within walking distance so there was definitely enough to enjoy during the break.

The day then continued on with a viewing in one of London Nest’s most popular residences, The Curve. The Curve is located within walking distance from the new David Game College school, and all the landmarks mentioned before. Agents were shown around the beauty of the convenience that the The Curve provides. Where students can experience the time of their lives, meet new friends, creating amazing memories and more!

However, London is of course much bigger than just this area. So to give an impression how enormous the city is, the next and last stop of the event was the rooftop lounge of the DoubleTree by Hilton. Everyone enjoyed the breath-taking view with some drinks and ending with a delicious dinner. A perfect way to celebrate a successful event, toasting one more time to the future of international education and make being abroad as a student even more amazing than it already is.


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