Sundays Papers Live: The Review

Sundays Papers Live: The Review

Ahhh Sundays… Waking up at 10am, you stumble out of bed to the smell of brunch crawling up the stairs. You slip on your moccasins and follow the delicious scent to find your spouse pulling a baking tray out of the oven laden with freshly baked croissants – your favourite! “Good morning, darling”, they say, placing one, still warm from the oven, onto your plate (bone china, of course) as well as an array of delicious organic conserves before you. You go for all-time favourite, damson jam (you’re a sucker for damson jam) and slather it on the steaming opened pastry, washing it down with a complimentary filter coffee. After catching the morning news on the radio, you wander down your hallway, lined with perfectly curated modern art and well, there it is. It’s lying there, sprawled out over the doormat, enticing you with its relaxed demeanour, limbs stretched out, calm and gentle as every other week, romantic in its humble charm. You collect it, cradle it even. This is the finale of the week, of every week. You’ve waited for six days now and alas, here it finally is. The Sunday Paper. Absolute bliss.

Ok, so maybe this isn’t quite your morning. Perhaps the middle class, middle aged dream is a far cry away from your student lifestyle as, dishevelled from the night before, you throw on wine stained clothes and stumble down to the kitchen. There you notice your housemate desperately trying to cook bargain bacon that somehow looks more dishevelled than you. As you search the funky smelling fridge, you realise that very much like the Sunday paper, your breakfast is nowhere to be seen.

And whilst this may be your morning, as it is very often mine, the Sunday Paper remains a rare and almost mythic luxury, the ultimate symbol of maturity, the educated and most likely, going home to your parents’ for the weekend. And that’s quite ok. But as we ponder the legendary pipedream that is the Sunday paper, I must gently remind you that there is a way you can reap all the benefits of the Sunday Paper in a day long, food-filled relaxing mini-festival, dedicated to the great Sunday paper.

The basic of concept of Sunday Papers Live is to turn the loveliness of reading the paper in your living room into a live event, just with the columns brought to life as live talks in a giant comfy living room in Camden, your Sunday roast turned into a giant banquet and your dog walk becomes a huge walk in the park with live talks along the way. Whether you’re the middle-class, middle aged everyman this festival is pretty much crafted for, or the student that just wants a taste ofthat kinda Sunday, Sunday Papers Live won’t really disappoint.

On Easter Sunday, a host of faces including Hayden Prowse, Jolyon Rubenstein and Bruce Parry hit the stage to talk about everything from travel, to science, to business. With breakfast, coffee and tonnes of Bloody Marys served up beyond the roasts, there’s plenty to keep everyone cosy on this lovely little Sunday in the living room beyond the living room. And whist this cosy Easter Sunday has now been and gone – fear not, Sunday Papers Live is back for its 11th edition of Sunday 10th September. Grab those tickets soon, because let’s face it, you won’t be seeing the Sunday paper in your own house for many years to come.

For more information and tickets for Sunday Papers Live, click here.

Words by Ellie Jackson