What Makes the Perfect Social Living Experience?

What Makes the Perfect Social Living Experience?

Did you know that according to the recent London concensus, [Source] 37% of the London population were born outside of the UK!  This fact emphasises just how diverse the city really is. By having such a diverse location, it is incredibly easy to socialise with people from all corners of the globe!

In order to have the perfect social living experience it’s important to live somewhere which is conveniently located near transport, restaurants/bars and attractions. By having easily accessible, nearby transport it’s easy to get to attractions, events or even just visit friends who don’t live within walking distance to you. You also want to live as central as possible, however the more central you are, the more expensive student accommodation becomes.

Megan, a resident at The Collective Old Oak, arrived in London from South Africa searching for a job as she believes the right opportunities for her can be found in the city. She explains why she thinks it so vital for students and young professional to have a worry free, convenient experience with as many opportunities as possible to socialise.

At The Collective Old Oak, we have it all including fast Wi-fi along with all the amenities you require in a fun, social environment.

As well as that, The Collective Old Oak is convenient and has a social feel with our accommodation boasting a screening room, a spa with sauna, a gym and even a games room! All of these areas are great places to get to know other people staying at the accommodation.

Megan also highlights a vibrant local bar/restaurant on site as a fantastic place to make new friends and have fun.

Once you’ve made some new friends you can then explore everything London has to offer with using the city’s fantastic transport network. The nearest station from The Collective Old Oak is only a short 7 minutes walk and can be found very easily.

If you’d like to find out more about what The Collective Old Oak has to offer make sure you watch our latest video.

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