London Halloween!

London Halloween!

It is October again and we all know what that means, spooky costumes, scary stories, and lots of sweeties. With the creepiest month of the year ahead there are understandably enough things to do in London. Here are some tips on how to make the most out of your Halloween in London.

Travel back in time and see London through the eyes of Jack the Ripper. The tour will take you to crime scenes where this mysterious, iconic serial killer committed his killing spree. Using projectors you can literally see all the locations from his perspective. Also as one of the world’s biggest mysteries it suits the Halloween spirit perfectly. Besides Jack the Ripper tours you could also take a ride on the Ghost Bus with scary stories along the journey, or for the serious jump scares visit the famous London Dungeon.

Have a drink in one of London’s most haunted pubs where you can meet the spirit of Ceric, at The Grenadier and pay off the bars debt. A classier alternative in a special location is to celebrate Halloween in “the sky”. Pull out your chic vampire suit and enjoy the spooky vibes while having a view all over London at the Sky Garden.


Thuy Nguyen

Graphic Designer