London Calling

London Calling

Have you ever wondered why we have two taps in the sink, instead of one?  What about why we stand on the right of an escalator and walk on the left of it? What about why we have to say sorry, even if it’s not our fault?  As a Brit, I’ve literally never considered any of this as weird,


even as I burn my hands when washing them but my overseas colleagues and partners have!  The British awkward attitude is also something that overseas visitors find puzzling.  There’s a funny Twitter account called Very British Problems which may help international people understand us more.  The Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts highlight the social awkwardness of British people in groups: “Being unable to stand up and leave without first saying “right”” or with strangers on public transport: “Having someone sit next to you on a train, meaning you’ll have to eat your crisps at home.”  We have problems knowing how to act, to maintain our politeness, to not make anyone else feel awkward and to avoid conflict situations at all costs.  Oh, and then there’s our obsession with tea:

What observations have you made about the British?  Email me so we can share, understand and celebrate the eccentricities of this nation!

Thuy Nguyen

Graphic Designer

21, graphic designer from the south east London. I work with a range of elements of marketing with design to produce both offline and online print services.