London Calling

London Calling

I love London in the summer.  Pubs, cafes and restaurants seem to spill out onto the hot London streets and Londoners slow down, relax a little and hang out with friends.  Parks are full of sunbathers (yes, we get sun in the UK too you know!) and we enjoy festivals and events all across the city.  We have our own student garden party on the 21st July (to attempt a world record!) but there are also reasons to be out and about.

Wimbledon, the world-famous tennis tournament reaches its climax this month and us Brits are obsessed.  I think this is because we have (at last) a few decent British players, but it’s also because we love sitting in the sun, eating strawberries and cream and sipping on a glass of Pimms.  (Pimms is a fruit cocktail, if you haven’t tried it… it’s delicious!)  If you can’t afford / can’t be dealing with the queues for Wimbledon, there are plenty of places you can watch it on public outdoor screens.  From Kings Cross to Liverpool Street, Paddington to St Paul’s, there are screens all over the city.  See here for details.

Hannah Alexander-Wright

Marketing and Business Development Consultant, Trainer and Coach

I started my career as an English teacher, then moved into marketing and business development. Recently I decided to become a bold, brave freelancer, only working with great companies and super friendly people (like London Nest). I'm also a coach and in every aspect of my business I empower people to reach their potential. I'm about to start a MA in Innovation Management at Central Saint Martins and this terrifies me. I'm an optimist, exercise addict, stepmum, 1980s heavy metal music fan and need no excuses to celebrate absolutely anything with a glass of chilled prosecco.