How to Have a Great Internship in London?

How to Have a Great Internship in London?

London is an exciting, bustling city that’s seen as the best place to be if you’re looking to climb the career ladder. Many internationally renowned companies have their headquarters here, and an even bigger number of start-ups and small businesses pop up in the capital every day.

It’s little wonder that London is a prime spot for those seeking internships – and if you land one, you’ve got a foot in the door. But how can you make sure your London internship is successful? Here are our top tips:

Find the right accommodation

London property prices have been sky-high for many years now, and unless you’re lucky enough to own a home in the city, you’ll likely be looking for a room-share. Navigating the room-share minefield in London can be tricky, but don’t just settle for the first room you find that fits your criteria and budget – try to make sure you get on with your new housemates, you’re not too far from the Underground network, and your area has all the amenities you’re looking for.

Always aim for 15 minutes early

The London transport system is far more efficient than anywhere else in the country – it’s unlikely you’ll ever be waiting more than ten minutes for a Tube, for example. But many lines have regular maintenance and accidents can wreak havoc. Always aim to arrive somewhere fifteen minutes before you’re supposed to, to allow yourself a little leeway in case there are delays on the Underground.

Get involved!

As an intern, you need to be soaking up as many new experiences as possible – and that means socially, too! If you’re invited to after-work drinks at a cool new bar, go along and check it out. Many offices in the capital will also offer some kind of cultural perk or benefit, and it’s wise to get involved as much as you can – as long as your work doesn’t suffer.

Don’t be afraid to ask

It’s always better to ask than it is to think you have the answers and end up getting it wrong. Nobody will judge an intern for asking too many questions – in fact, they’ll probably be impressed that you’re so concerned with getting things right.

Seek out a mentor

London’s job markets are incredibly competitive – it can’t hurt to have a seasoned Londoner to guide and support you. It doesn’t have to be your direct manager – sometimes another supervisor might recognise your work, or you might feel you can talk to another more experienced member of staff. Having a London mentor will be enormously valuable going forward after your internship.