Home and Away

Home and Away

Today is the general election in the UK.  In Britain, we don’t vote directly for our Prime Minister, but for our local minister who will then go to parliament and vote for our best interests.  The party who has the most ministers, wins and their leader becomes the Prime Minister.

If the leader of the party in charge changes, the Prime Minister will change, without a need for an election.  This is how the current Prime Minister came to power – David Cameron resigned and the party chose Theresa May.  Theresa May chose to have an election now, while she’s quite popular, to give herself a stronger chance of being in power for another four years.  This election is controversial as the UK is at the beginning of “Brexit” talks – working out what happens when we leave the EU.

Want to find out more?  In the UK, our TV news is “neutral” but our printed press is not.  Certain newspapers write with certain political views.  For right-wing opinion, you can read the Telegraph, the Express, the Mail or the Sun.  For liberal and left-wing views, pick up the Guardian, the Independent or the Mirror.

So, who will win?  Theresa May’s Conservatives?  Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party? The Liberal Democrats?  The Green Party?  We’ll have to wait and see. Whatever happens, the UK will remain open to international visitors and London will remain the most exciting city to stay in!

Thuy Nguyen

Graphic Designer

21, graphic designer from the south east London. I work with a range of elements of marketing with design to produce both offline and online print services.