Challenges of Studying Abroad

Challenges of Studying Abroad

When students are coming to London what would be the biggest challenge for them?

Challenges might vary depending on the country of origin.  On a personal level, the first obvious challenge is surely the language, but it is also very common that students – especially when is their first experience abroad – they might struggle settling down in such a big city and adapt to different standards.


How can students prevail the barriers?

Personal challenges can be overcome, as students learn how to cope to the new situations and they no longer struggle. Adaptation is the first step toward adulthood and personal growth. It surely takes time and what is really important is that they keep an open mind and step out of their comfort zone every day a step more. If the challenge is related to work experience, students may need to be followed and trained by professionals.


How does Ni-Cons help students who face the their first difficulties?

At Ni-Cons we support students who are about to start a work experience in London who are from either the UK, or their home country (with the latter we make our best to manage their expectations of the City). Our approach involves customised sessions aimed to empower and prepare them to perform at their best. There is a lot of self-preparation involved, as a matter of fact, we suggest specific articles and books to read. We have noticed the effectiveness of putting them in touch with other students who are in similar contexts and situations, for this reason we have created a platform and a community where students from all over the world can share their experiences.


Do you believe factors like BREXIT and the Sterling devaluation might have an influence on the student’s’ decision to come to London?

I don’t think we will see immediate changes. The devaluation of the Sterling is making the city more affordable for people who are coming from countries with different currency such us the Euro. All in all, despite recent events, London has not lost its charm. Interest and requests from students and young professional has not decreased.


On the flip-side, in the current situation, would you also see opportunities for new businesses to develop?

It’s not easy to foreseen what it’s going to happen in the near future after the Brexit. At the same time, London offers lots of opportunities to grow and it’s still a great place where to study or start your new business. The international community is vibrant and constantly evolving, London is Open!

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