Burberry to Brick Lane

Burberry to Brick Lane

I’m not sure what I was expecting when it arrived at Burberry’s post fashion week pop-up at Maker’s House. Just the clothes I guess. Really really good clothes of course, but even so, I expected to gawp at Burberry’s ridiculously good February 2017 collection before making a disheartened exit in the knowledge that this sort of stuff really is worlds away from my half-broken student wardrobe. And I did, I definitely did, the clothes were incredible, sleek and classic, whilst somehow always keeping a step ahead in the fashion game – but there’s no surprises there. But whilst this is all true, Burberry’s new pop up was way more than just annoyingly cool clothes, it was an annoyingly cool exhibition too.

Makers House is also a collaboration with the Henry Moore Foundation, allowing the collection to celebrate and exhibit the artist who inspired it. The exhibition featured some of Moore’s most famous pieces, sitting amongst the huge Feb collection. And if this wasn’t already cool enough, the collection also involved a virtual reality experience where you can peek into Moore’s studios with him talking to you about his work and a photo-booth for you to take awake a print of you hanging in a Henry Moore inspired space. The experience encouraged you to get to know Henry Moore and be completely immersed in his world to unravel the collection in itself. Did I also mention that this Makers House was also completely free to visit?

It’s amazing just how exhausting fashion envy really is and after a long morning of endless fashion talk, it was time for some food. With nothing but food left on our minds, we headed over to Brick Lane Markets for some Sunday afternoon binge eating. With everything from german to Korean food and Jamaican to Japanese, there’s plenty of choice. And of course, some adorable jewellery, slightly questionable hats and useless collectables are all thrown into the mix. After gorging on shameless quantities of miso noodles, we finished the meal by eating some ridiculously good homemade brownies beneath Brick Lane’s fairy lights.

And of course, if you’re on Brick Lane, there’s always time for the imperative vintage shop visits. With more pairs of vintage Levis, old sunglasses and plaid shirts than you could ever wish for, Brick Lane vintage markets make sure to revel in every edgy vintage cliché going. You then of course have the imperative (yet definitely unnecessary) visit to Rough Trade East, where you gaze at the overpriced vinyls before realising you can pay half the price in most other stores. You also wonder whether to bother with the photo-booth on the way out, before suffering cardiac arrest on discovery of the price tag. With that, you wander down to Spitalfields to grab a coffee for the journey home as the sunsets, safe in the knowledge that you’ve seen enough clothes (and eaten enough food) to keep you going for another month.

For more information on last week’s Makers House pop-up, click this link, to find out about Brick Lane’s opening times go here.

Words by Ellie Jackson