Winter in London

Winter in London

Winter in London is a sight to behold. We’re not quite there yet, but in just a few short weeks, December will be upon us and wintertime festivities will be in full swing.

And, if Christmas isn’t your thing, not to worry! There are plenty of happenings in the city for you.

Natural History Museum Ice Rink

Now, I have to be honest. I’m not much for ice skating. But I am into fairy lights and the majesty that is the National History Museum. Their ice rink has to be one of the most enchanting in the city. If you’re not into skating, it’s still worth a visit for other rinkside festivities. Students get a special offer that includes a free drink!

Southbank Wintertime Market

Free things in the city are my favourite. The best part about markets is that you can just peruse around, take in the sights and vibes, without spending a thing. But if you do feel so inclined, I recommend a cup of hot, spiced wine.

Hogwarts in the Snow

Don’t lie… we all waited on our Hogwarts acceptance letters. Personally, I’m still waiting, but in the meantime, I’m going to get acquainted with the campus. Every winter the Harry Potter studio gets a wintery makeover, complete with seasonal decorations in the Great Hall and a massive Christmas tree. It is truly magical. You can book tickets from mid-November till the end of January.

Cuddle Up at Home

Let’s be honest. What could be better than cuddling up at home to a film when outside is cold, wintery and wet? Sounds like a perfect set up. This winter, London Nest wants to welcome you home to any of our modern, comfy student residences. If you book this winter, we’ll give you up to 20% off! We have plenty of events, socials and festivities to keep you busy all winter long.

Get in touch to learn more about our Winter Deals or to book now!

Words by Kelly Dundon