Study abroad in London: What’s it like?

Study abroad in London: What’s it like?

Studying abroad in London is magical, even without the Harry Potter reference. The city’s magic is that there’s something for everyone. Whether you’re studying in world-renowned universities, interning for a summer, or an exchange semester, you’ll end up calling this iconic city your home in no time! Studying abroad for some of you will be your first taste of independence. However, freedom comes with responsibility, and so here’s your ultimate guide to studying abroad in London.

Studying in London is perfect for lovers of big cities, those who love to travel and meet new people from all over the world. You can turn a corner of any 32 districts and find something entirely new to you. London is so big that there are also hundreds of tranquil areas you could always escape to – for ones who prefer their quiet spots.

London attracts millions of people from all sorts of backgrounds and ethnicities, so immediately, you’ll have the opportunity to be a part of such a diverse and inclusive learning environment. There won’t be much of a language barrier either, making your transition much easier as a student.

Why you will love studying in London

Now let’s move onto the most important reason to study in London. The educational opportunities. Studying at a London university means that you’ll be taught by the very best in your field of study, especially since the majority of the universities are amongst the top rankings in the world. London is home to over 45 universities, so you don’t have to worry about not finding your course or program, you’ll have plenty of subjects to choose from.

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Is it expensive?

If you are an international student, money is usually the deciding factor for studying. First things first, ask yourself, “can I afford it?”

Even on a budget, you’ll still find a handful of activities and spots to visit around London. Most of the museums are free: The British museum, natural history museum, and loads more, of course – given the city’s fascinating history. From the infamous green parks to live music concerts, sports events, and cafe galore, there’s numerous amounts views and places to visit on a student budget.

Pro Tip: Student discounts add up and help you save lots of money, so don’t forget your student ID wherever you go!

However, Student housing is competitive. Accommodation fees differ depending on what exactly you want from your lodging. For example, if you’re looking to stay in the very heart of London, with your en-suite room, you should be ready to pay more than expected. In contrast, if you are looking to share a flat including access to onsite facilities, the accommodation price should come to about 190 a week depending on the location.


Best areas for students to live in

Because of the city’s high standard of living, London has an abundance of student accommodations, and sometimes it could be stressful to look through. Why not take the burden off your shoulders and read through the best areas for students to live in.

Central London

Many students opt for student accommodation in Central London due to the never-ending benefits it offers such as convenience, a good balance between privacy and the buzzing nightlife and access to public transport in almost every corner of the street. Each of our accommodations in Central London (Don Gratton House, Chapter King’s Cross etc.) are all within walking distance from famous universities such as Queen Mary University, UCL, LSE, Imperial, Istituto Marangoni and lots more.

With 24/7 onsite security and CCTV, communal kitchen areas, roof terraces, and cinema rooms, students can experience living in a safe, friendly and fun environment. Via the underground, you can easily take the Jubilee Line to fantastic sights such as Camden Market to taste local street food or other notable restaurants around Central London.

East London

East London’s got a super cool and chic vibe, with access to exciting areas of Shoreditch. One of our most common accommodations in this area, known as Liberty or Drapery Plaza, will ensure you never miss out on any of the action outside your room. With CCTV, friendly reception and common areas, you’ll feel comfortable living in the vibrant East London.

Enjoy just a short walk to Queen Mary University, with breathtaking views of Shoreditch. This urban and edgy scene amid the centre is filled with plenty of underground stations and, of course, the Old Spitalfields Market with plenty of services and fun events.

West London

Accommodations situated in West London has exhilarating views of parks, theatres, galleries and historic palaces. Who knew you could fit so much in one area? From Hyde Park to Kensington Gardens to the Westfield Shopping Centre, everything is within walking distance or a 15-minute tube ride away!

Chelsea Lightfoot Hall is a stylish residence right in the middle of the Chelsea area. Located in zone 1, you can easily visit all the unique boutiques, and most of all, if you’re a football fan, you must take a visit to Chelsea FC’s home ground. Even the infamous Imperial College London and London School of Dramatic Art is just a 15-minute walk away. The residence has excellent facilities to offer, such as a communal kitchen, communal area and reception to provide a safe and international atmosphere.

North London

North London is one of London’s greenest areas, with dozens of restaurants, markets and shopping opportunities right at your doorstep. It’s an excellent area for students to live in, especially with benefits from public transport. The Collective Co-Living, situated in Northwest London, offers an unrivalled student living experience with a packed calendar of onsite social events and plenty more.

This location is just minutes from UCL and the University of West London, not to mention the trendy North London neighbourhood with thrilling spots for music and entertainment. From £200 a week, you can easily experience getting to know people from different backgrounds and mindsets, which is beneficial when starting as a young professional in a lively city.

What are you waiting for?

Everyone always says that university is the best few years of our lives. It’s often when we find ourselves, discover new places, and step out of our comfort zone. Keep an open mind when visiting different areas of London – they tend to change your perspective and outlook on things. Get ready for an unforgettable experience studying abroad in London!


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