Treat Yourself to A Top-Notch Cinema Experience!

Treat Yourself to A Top-Notch Cinema Experience!


Electric Cinema isn’t your average movie theater; in fact, it feels more like watching a film at home, but with luxurious leather recliners and sofas, cozy cashmere blankets and delightful snack and drink options. It’s basically like “Business Class” for cinemas! There’s only 98 seats in the theater, so it’s truly an intimate and special experience.


Electric Cinema is over 100 years old, first opening in February of 1911 with a silent film starring Sir Herbert Beerbohm Tree as King Henry VIII. Nowadays, the theater plays modern films, as well as special screenings and live performances. Stepping into Electric Cinema is like stepping back in time — the screen is flanked by large stage curtains that open dramatically before each show, as if you were at the opera. Nevertheless, the screen is as hi-tech as they come and the arched, vaulted ceilings offers a supreme sound experience.


The best part has to be the assortment of drinks and snacks, served from the adjacent Electric Diner. Before heading into your film, grab a bite to eat or choose from their over 20 craft beers, wine list or delicious cocktails. Forget the popcorn — how about some Honey Fried Chicken or NY Cheesecake? All seating in the cinema is accompanied by small tables, making eating and drinking extra convenient.


Best nights to visit are Mondays and Sundays where tickets are only £13.50 a pop! Make sure to reserve your seat in advance, so you can get the best seat in the house!


Electric Cinema

191 Portobello Rd, Notting Hill


W11 2ED

Check program for show times.