The Secret Behind Strong Companies

The Secret Behind Strong Companies

The success of an organisation is often defined by the overall performance, the management, and the way it is structured. But the biggest asset of a company are the people who work in the organisation. People are the soul and the image of the company, but the real glue within an organisation is a strong ethical code (paradoxically often overlooked). Ethics is simply based on people’s principles when is to take moral decisions. From a business standpoint, ethics involves being honest, being fair in terms of competition, and, of course, acting within the law.


The importance of Trust

In order to better understand the importance of ethics, here is a scenario: two companies are in the coffee shops business.

Coffee Shop A has many clients, and is well-known for opening up new shops very quickly. In order to meet the clients’ demand, Coffee Shop A’s performance is mediocre.

Coffee Shop B has a lower amount of clients in comparison to Company A, but Coffee Shop B is known for the very good quality of work.

Coffee Shop B does not open restaurants as quickly as Coffee Shop A, on the contrary, they take the time to listen to the clients’ expectations. In this way, Coffee Shop B will be able to fulfil its clients trust and this will lead to establishing a successful business.

In terms of which company you would rather work for, it is most likely to choose a company willing to gain the trust of its clients. The reputation of a company can be influenced by the ethical approach adopted by the organisation itself. Organisations that operates on poor values will not be number one in their field. A company known for being unethical and unjust is generally perceived as unappealing, and clients will look elsewhere in order to get the high-standard of work that they deserve.


The role of Leaders

It is incredibly important the code of ethics held by the leaders within an organisation, as it may determine a company’s fate. It is proven that when the management in an organisation keeps a higher conduct, employees are sure to follow the example that is being set. If a manager does not respect the ethic code, employees will not either. Managers work with all kinds of people such as clients, employees, and senior executives, so they constantly need to be acting in ways that promote good company values. Leaders should know that others look up to them, indeed it is key to behave ethically since employees will follow the example.


Employees and clients relish to work with an organisation that values integrity, this is the reason why the staff will be glad to be part of a company that considers ethics as one of its pillars. Also, a sense of satisfaction by knowing the company they work for, values the character of its people, and truly aims to satisfy their collaborators and customers. It is not easy to verify if a company and its employees necessarily stick to a code of ethics. Especially if the line between ethical and unethical is thin. If leaders and the employees of a company are aware of the positive outcome that come with acting in line with a code of ethics, an organisation is more likely to be successful.

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