St. Patrick’s day in London!

St. Patrick’s day in London!


Feeling a little green? Get ready for another year of Irish celebration of St. Patricks day. Lively public parades and festivals with traditional Irish music, marching bands, charities, performances, floats, cultural organisations, art exhibition, film festival, plenty of things to do with the kids and so much more. It is a grand celebration and you can celebrate it around the world, one of which you can join right here in London.





3 Quick Facts:

  1.  The first St. Patrick’s Day parade took place in New York in the 1760s.


  1.  St. Patrick’s Day has become a global holiday and for one day a year, March 17, anyone can be Irish and join in the celebration.


  1.  It is common to wear green on St. Patrick’s Day, however, if you see anyone who is not wearing green, you can pinch them!



Where to go?

Celebrate with the Irish community in Trafalgar Square, Central London. Closest station to go to is Charing Cross, a few minutes’ walk to Trafalgar Square.

This year the extravaganza will take place for 3 days, from Friday 16 March to Sunday 18 March. You definitely can’t miss out, so enjoy the food, the fun, the dancing, the music, the floats, and best of all, the Irish accents!



What to eat?

If you’re an Instagram foodie like me then you will definitely love the tradition Irish food around. Browse around the Irish Street food market with countless of stalls through the festival. There’s no way you can miss out on their food at the event. Join an Irish pub and love the cheerful atmosphere.



Tradition Irish foods you should try!

The good ol’ Irish Stew:

What’s great about these stews is that they are never the same. The recipes doesn’t stay consistent which gives that uniqueness. A general one would include potatoes, onions and mutton. But it’s actually made of any variety of meat and vegetables. Depending on the stew, you can have it with some biscuits, Irish soda bread, buttered noodles with little fresh parsley, Brussel sprouts and so on.


Soda Bread:

Irish soda bread is a delicious baked treat that is usually enjoyed around Saint Patrick’s Day. You might has guessed what Soda Bread is made with. It’s nice bread… but instead of yeast being the leaving agent, baking soda is used instead. Very easy to make. You can have it with butter, marmalade, as a sandwich or with a stew.


Galway Oysters:

If you happen to travel to Ireland, make sure to visit Galway City and try out their delicious oysters. It’s so good that they even have a Galway Oyster Festival! I don’t know about you but I’m a seafood lover and those oysters are to die for.


Guinness cake:

What’s better than beer? Chocolate Guinness cupcakes! It’s literally just normal chocolate cake, actually no it’s not. It’s beer cake. If you’re going to drink some Guinness, then you better have the cake. Sweet goodness right there. I mean who wouldn’t want some beer cake?



A tradition Irish potato pancake that can be served with bacon and eggs. Usually made with mash potatoes, mixed with grated potatoes, flour, eggs, and spring onions… This actually reminds me of the Korean Kimchi pancake which is would highly recommend trying. Both of these are delicious and I would suggest you to try Boxty the most because tastes amazing!



Have a laugh and drink some Guinness beer with your friends because the event is free for everyone to join in the fun. So you can just go straight after work, a blast is pretty much guaranteed – but stay safe of course.