Maximizing the Student Accommodation Experience

Maximizing the Student Accommodation Experience

With the help of we have a compiled a list of the Top Ten Things Students in London can do if they want to optimise their experience.

London has over 100 cinemas, 7,000 bars and pubs, 5,000 restaurants, 350 Live Music Venues and 100 parks. This means that students studying in London will never run out of new places to explore and things to do.

With so much to do and see, living in the right area in the right Student Accommodation in London, to maximise your experience of living in this vibrant city can be hard.

All of our student and young professional accommodation residences are situated no more than a few minutes walk from a tube station. This makes it incredibly easy to access all areas of London to maximise your experience of enjoying the Capital city.

According to, The Top Ten Things for students to do in the capital are;

A Guided tour – Guided tours are a great way to get to know the new area you’re living in. London is a huge place and often a confusing one too. Therefore, if you can get to know just a small part of your London, you’ll immediately feel more relaxed and bit closer to home.

Tourist Attractions – Tourist Attractions are great spots to visit if you want to learn about the city’s heritage, to explore new things or even to impress on a first date.

Museums – London boasts some of the finest museums in the world including: The National History Museum, The National Gallery and The Imperial War Museum. These museums are fantastic for establishing new interests/hobbies. Best of all, most of the museums are free!

Parks – The weather may not always be sunny in England, but when it is, London has some fantastic parks to visit, which are perfect for sunbathing, having picnics or even just witnessing mother nature in all of her beauty.

Pubs and bars –London has 7000 pubs and bars! These are great for socialising with friends or even making new ones.

Clubs – A very popular recreational choice among students is clubbing. With nearly 350 nightclubs in the city, students will never face the issue of having to go to the same nightclub twice unless they decide they want to. Nightclubs are fantastic places for students to socialise and make new friends.

The Transport Network – Although the London Underground is a very efficient and accessible way to travel around London, there are other forms of transport such as the ‘Boris Bikes’ which offer different perspectives of the city.

Restaurants – With over 5,000 restaurants situated around the city, students are presented with endless opportunities to feast on different cuisines every day.

Shopping – London is one of the best cities in the world for shopping. If you can’t find what you’re looking for in London, it is unlikely you’ll be able to find it anywhere else!

The West End – The West End is full of theatres, cinemas and restaurants that can keep anyone entertained for hours on end making it perfect for students.

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