Blogging for businesses

Blogging for businesses

If you are an upcoming business, a start-up or just a small company, your web presence and digital communication are integral for your interaction with your customers.

A huge range of small businesses use blogging as a means to market their products and services effectively and with this, other companies can find out more about what you do and can even decide to form partnerships with you. In an increasingly digitised world, this is extremely beneficial for the journey your client has with your product, as they can find out about your product and be able to easily interact with your company.

As important as it may seem to have a highly optimised website, having an effective marketing strategy will lead to your potential customers to begin their journey with your service and is one of the main things to consider for your business.

The buyer’s journey usually consists of these 3 steps:

AWARENESS– The consumer becomes aware not of a specific product, but of a problem that they have.

CONSIDERATION– The consumer actively researches potential solutions to their problem. During this process is when they come into contact with marketing materials and sales representatives.

DECISION– With the aid of salespeople, the consumer makes a final purchase decision.

It is important to consider this with each and every product you introduce on your site as if each step is not identified, it results in a lack of profit for you as a company. Writing blogs to inform your customers about your product is an effective strategy for your company’s marketing prospects.

Here is a list of what blogging can do for your company:

If your blog posts consist of the relevant keywords and content, this will push your website and services higher on the search engine pages and you will be able to organically generate interest. This is literally a golden ticket for you to perform big with all the huge search engines, Google, Bing, Yahoo and the likes.

Your company may be the newest of start-ups but optimising your keywords with blog posts is a great way to establish partnerships with more established companies and to create your online presence.

If you create content of value to your target audience, it would inevitably allow you to achieve the goals and needs of your company. It also gives your company legitimacy, which almost always leads to customers to take interest in your services.

When writing blog posts, users of your site can share your blog posts and it becomes a cycle of generating interest. You can share your content on social media and other platforms where people who would not usually be led to your blog can find out about your product. This can generate even further interest and lead even more people towards the ACD process.

Blogging can inform people of your company, the tone of your online presence and the goals you wish to achieve for your company.

Blogging can help your customers develop a sense of brand loyalty. If they can connect with your company and acknowledge the journey you have made and are still taking, customers would want to interact with your company more frequently. Your long-term customers or acknowledgers of your brand will feel inclined to spread the word, even if through word of mouth and this can lead to an overall ROI.

If you want more of an online presence, blogging is certainly the way to go. If anything, you will be able to drive more traffic through to your site with the use of keywords. One must always keep in mind the buyer’s journey for any aspect of marketing but effective blogging can lead to this at a more rapid rate.

Words by Caroline Otu