Alphe 2017

Alphe 2017

A new year at Uni is about to begin, which means new study abroad adventures are about to start! With the beginning of this year in sight, London Nest attended Alphe 2017, to see how we can help these students in London. Agents from all over the world were invited to Alphe 2017, which created a real international atmosphere during the event. Alphe is actually famous for its international glory, as it held conferences all around the world, from Asia to Spain, Taiwan, Istanbul, Russia, South Korea, Japan, United Kingdom and many more. All these nationalities gave us the opportunity to transform lives of people from literally all over the globe. After helping students with 37 different nationalities this was the perfect chance to add some more to this list.

This year the event was organised right in the middle of our beloved London city at the Westminster Bridge Hotel. A wonderful location with Big Ben, The London Eye and other fantastic landmarks right around the corner.  At Alphe 2017 we met amazing new partners and agents from the educational sector, sharing visions, ideals and passion. But primarily we were trying to create a foundation to transform the lives of even more international students. Besides all the meetings, briefcases and formal talks the event took a sparkling turn, later on the second day. This all had to do with the ST Star Awards, a well respected price the Study Travel Industry. At the awards people in the study travel industry from all over the world were rewarded for all of their hard work throughout the year. Finally, the last day of Alphe, London Nest met once again with several other agents to establish relationships and realise dreams. Overall it was a successful evening to meet a lot of new faces and reinforce our currently collaboration. We aim to work towards and expand our vision to improve London accommodation and look forward to next year’s event.


Thuy Nguyen

Graphic Designer

21, graphic designer from the south east London. I work with a range of elements of marketing with design to produce both offline and online print services.