A Day In The Life of a Language Student in London

A Day In The Life of a Language Student in London

London is an ideal city to select if you’re interested in learning a new language. There are plenty of universities and other educational institutions for you choose from, allowing you to select one that is right for you no matter which language you have chosen to learn.

A typical language student’s morning is likely to begin around 8am as they wake up and get ready for their first classes. Purpose built student accommodation in London is perfect for language students as it’s often in a central location with easy access to the London Underground for getting around the city to attend various lessons and events.

Your classes will be split into lectures and seminars, with different modules likely to focus on specific areas, such as translation, oral skills, literature, vocabulary and grammar. You may also have lessons looking at the wider culture of the language, for example learning about Spanish history. Your timetable won’t be filled, leaving you time to study by yourself, visit the library, pick up resources such as books or magazines or catch up with friends.

While your days are likely to be filled with lectures, seminars and researching there will also be plenty of time for you to relax and explore the city. As a student in London you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to filling your free time.

London is one of the most diverse cities in the world, with many different cultures represented on the streets. This gives you a great opportunity to immerse yourself in the culture of the language you’re learning, whether that’s Spanish, English, Chinese or any other modern language. You will also likely be able to meet with people who are native speakers of the language you are learning, giving you a brilliant way to brush up on your skills and learn from them.

Many people select which language to learn based on a few reasons but interest in the culture, country and people where the language is spoken often factors in to it. The diversity of London means you’ll be able to try out new foods, attend cultural events and meet a range of people that you may not have had a chance to do if you were studying a language in another city.

Your educational institution will also have a wide range of societies that you can join and work into your evening plans. While some you can join purely for fun and meeting new people there could be so relevant to your studies. For instance, if you’re studying French a French film club could be perfect, while a Spanish speakers group is ideal for practising your skills if you’re looking to improve.