Little Lisa’s accommodation experience

Little Lisa’s accommodation experience

Happy Friday everyone!

Do you need some advice about student accommodations?

Here is Little Lisa sharing her experience when living in London and staying at one of our popular residences, The Curve in Aldgate.


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Take a look here if you’re thinking about coming to study in London.

Thuy Trang Nguyen

Junior Graphic Designer

After 4 years of studying graphic design during GCSEs and A-Levels I gained an apprenticeship at London Nest to have more of a world of work experience. My main skill lies within illustration and digital art. I enjoy drawing, designing, playing piano, visiting events to meet new illustrators to gain inspiration and explore many different art styles to improve my work. I aim to become a senior designer so I can expand my knowledge as I plan to transfer my skills and experiences to educate those who stood where I once was as a newcomer of design.