10 Must See Attractions in London

10 Must See Attractions in London

London is a city of iconic attractions that are recognised across the globe, from Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament to the London Eye and Buckingham Palace. You can’t visit London without seeing at least one of them! If you’re in the mood to do some sightseeing, here are ten of the must-see attractions you’ll find in England’s proud capital.

Buckingham Palace

This iconic palace is perhaps one of the most famous buildings in the world. Situated close to St. James’ Park and with plenty of Underground stations serving Buckingham Palace, it’s incredibly easy to get to – and hard to miss! When the Queen is in London, she resides at the palace – if she’s home, a Royal Standard will be raised, not the Union Jack, as many people believe.

Buckingham Palace

The London Eye

This colossal Ferris wheel was built to celebrate the millennium and was opened to the public in the year 2000. It used to hold the title of London’s highest viewing point – an honour which now goes to the Shard (another must-see). Despite losing its crown, the views from the top are pretty spectacular.

The Natural History Museum

When it comes to the Natural History Museum, the building itself is worth the visit. The stunning structure is home to a multitude of exhibits – including its famous range of fossils and dinosaur skeleton casts.

Big Ben

Big Ben is the official name of the bell that resides in this gargantuan clock tower (officially the Elizabeth Tower) – but most people refer to the entire structure as Big Ben. Centrally located and famous across the world, this is one iconic attraction you won’t want to miss.

Houses of Parliament

The imposing Houses of Parliament (officially named the Palace of Westminster) stand on the banks of the River Thames, just a stone’s throw away from Big Ben. Tours around the building can be arranged for anyone wanting to know more about the ins and outs of British politics – but most people are content to admire the amazing structure from the outside.

Houses of Parliament

The Globe Theatre

This famous theatre is a reconstruction of the building that was so closely linked with William Shakespeare and all of his works. Shows are still performed here regularly (not just Shakespeare) and tickets are available to buy online. The building still has its famed circular shape and open roof – so take a raincoat if you’re visiting!

Hyde Park

A sunny day in London is best spent in Hyde Park. This beautiful green park in the heart of the city has its own pond with rowboats and pedalo rentals – or you could hire a ‘Boris Bike’ and pedal around this unmissable public space.

Piccadilly Circus

The luminous billboards and bustling crowds found here could trick you into thinking you were in Times Square! The atmosphere around here at night is great – be sure to stop by if you’re seeing a show on the West End.

10 Downing Street

Security dictates that you can’t actually walk up to the Prime Minister’s home to see if he’s around – but you can certainly peer down the street and see the famous door! Downing Street is centrally located, just off Whitehall.

Covent Garden

This central London market is a hub of activity, with busy boutiques, show-stopping street performers and plenty of bars and café. Covent Garden has a really great atmosphere, and is the perfect place to chill out after a hectic day of seeing the sights.

Covent Garden

Do you agree with us?  What are your must-see London attractions?