Schools, Agents & Partners

London Nest creates the foundations to transform people’s lives. For the past 7 years we have worked with language schools and global education brands and helped over 5000 short-term students who dreamed of studying abroad.

Education has changed. Students are now coming to London to study for shorter periods. They are looking for good quality accommodation that’s available when they need it at a price that is affordable. Many landlords however are stuck in a 52-week model and are not embracing the opportunity of study abroad.

And schools and agents find it difficult to fill programmes because of the lack of room availability. London Nest’s big game is to create a sustainable system that works for all that leaves students enthused, equipped and inspired to transform their lives.

What we do

London Nest bridges the gap between landlords & property developers and students & young professionals. We specialise in stays of less than one year with a minimum stay of just one week. We truly believe that coupling together good quality flat share & residential accommodation with interesting & innovative programs drives demand.

If you have a dedicated accommodation officer, we work with them on a daily basis, updating them regularly on availability and facilitating flat shares and residence bookings. We understand accommodation may not be your company’s core business. If you don’t have a dedicated accommodation officer, we are happy to work on a referral basis.

  • Carl Roberton, Stafford House Principal

    “London Nest have been a great provider of effective accommodation solutions for us and our partners. I would recommend them to anyone from those looking for quick one-off accommodation requirements to others seeking a longer-term partnership”