Career Advice – Body Language

Career Advice – Body Language

Job seekers are normally aware of how important it is to choose the right words when talking with prospective employers. But what about non-verbal communication? That includes body language, the tone of your voice and appearance in general.

If what you say doesn’t match what your body is communicating, your audience is almost certainly going to believe your body. Here’s some advice on how to effectively let your body do the talking in a job interview or a networking event:


The Handshake

Your handshake should be firm, but not bone-crushing. It goes very well with a smile while introducing yourself.



Sit erect in a spontaneous way while showing some energy and enthusiasm.

When standing, face your interlocutor and never cross your arms as it is a clear way to protect yourself and show resistance.


Eye Contact

Keep the eye contact, make sure your eyes meet frequently, but be careful not to stare. Try to avoid looking around the room while you are talking, because that can be read as a sign of lack of confidence or uncaring attitude.



Gesturing with your hands while talking is natural, but keep it under control.

Also, avoid touching your mouth, your head and your nose while talking as these gestures show that you are hiding something, your are doubting what you are saying or even lying.

Preparing what you have to say is fundamental, but practicing how you will say it is at least as important.

The nonverbal message can speak louder than what you are actually saying.




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