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Kelly Dundon

Kelly is a Freelance Writer and Editor, yogi, foodie and culture enthusiast. After living in Italy, Germany, Costa Rica and London, Kelly decided to take an extended travel adventure, making her way around the world while documenting the places and people she meets along the way.


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  • 6 Things You Definitely Didn’t Know About Hammersmith

    A few quick trivia tidbits about your beloved borough, Hammersmith: It’s home to the first suspension bridge over the Thames. Yep, in 1827 the Hammersmith bridge made history for...
    21 Aug 2017
  • London Calling – Notting Hill Carnival

    When it comes to summertime in West London, there’s nothing more iconic than the Notting Hill Carnival. You really have to be there to fully appreciate and experience the...
    10 Aug 2017
  • The Local’s Walking Guide To Central London

    There’s no better way to see London than by foot. London makes finding your way around very accessible; throughout the city you’ll find signs pointing in the direction of...
    09 Aug 2017
  • Serving Up The Best Brunch In Chelsea

      In true weekend fashion, what would your Sunday be if it didn’t include brunch? Quite sad, is what. With that in mind, hit the snooze button this weekend...
    07 Aug 2017
  • Reaching New Heights In Mile End

    If you’ve never been climbing or if you are an avid climber, Mile End Climbing Wall accommodates to all experience levels — you’ve really got no reason not to...
    02 Aug 2017
  • The Secret Is Out!

    London Fields, located in the borough of Hackney is not an especially large neighbourhood when you consider its overall surface area. Most of London Fields is taken up by...
    31 Jul 2017
  • London’s “Coolest” Splash Spots

    Escape London’s heat this summer at some of the city’s best splash spots. Best Location: Oasis Sports Centre Location alone makes this one of the most unique spots in...
    26 Jul 2017
  • London’s Longest Nature Reserve In The Heart of Finsbury Park

    There’s a lot to love about our concrete jungle, including our coveted green space getaways. Luckily, London does a great job of sneaking a bit of nature into our...
    24 Jul 2017
  • London Is A Treasure Trove

    London is a treasure trove of hidden wonders. Seriously, around every corner, nook and cranny, there’s something new waiting to be discovered.   Here’s the lowdown of four “hidden”...
    12 Jul 2017
  • Drink, Shop & Do In King’s Cross

      WHERE TO START?! Drink, Shop & Do is quite literally the coolest place ever. True to its name you can drink (and eat), browse their cutesy shop AND...
    05 Jul 2017
  • London Is For Everyone (And Every Budget)

    Who said you have to spend money to have a good time in London? Whoever it was, was clearly ill-informed because I’ve literally spent full days in London, enjoying...
    28 Jun 2017
  • Try To “Escape” The Fun – If You Can!

    If you haven’t already heard of (or been swept up in) the Escape Room craze sweeping the globe, you’ve got to give it a try! Within an hour time...
    27 Jun 2017
  • Summer Series 1: Who’s hungry?

    London is a foodie paradise, but you’ve probably already noticed that. Nonetheless, we’re here to give you the best and tastiest tips for your foodie experience.   Boxpark Shoreditch...
    14 Jun 2017
  • Treat Yourself to A Top-Notch Cinema Experience!

      Electric Cinema isn’t your average movie theater; in fact, it feels more like watching a film at home, but with luxurious leather recliners and sofas, cozy cashmere blankets...
    31 May 2017
  • Have A Laugh At The Camden Comedy Club!

    Grab your friends and head out to the Camden Comedy Club for a night of laughs, some beers and definitely a good time. The club itself is tucked away...
    24 May 2017